Glass Tools

Glass tools and glazing accessories to allow a professional glass processing.


Spacer Tape

Spacer Tape 4010204
  • Spacer Tape, adhesive on one side.

  • Spacer Tape, Self-adhesive on one side, on rolls, 9x3 mm, 20 Meter.

Glazing Shovel

Shovel 4600020
  • Glazing Shovel made of plastic.

  • Glazing Shovel made of shock-proof plastic, solid easy-grip handle, 280 mm x 72 mm.

Glazing Shovel

Shovel 4600020
  • Block Lever made of wood.

  • Block Lever made of wood, 70 mm wide, 280 mm x 70 mm.

Hacking Knife

Hacking Knife 4600200
  • Hacking Knife with plastic handle.

  • Hacking Knife with plastic handle, forged blade 30 x 100 mm.


Spatula HW039
  • Spatula with front bevel.

  • Spatula with front bevel, for loosening beading and separating wooden distance blocks, leather strip handle.

Lead Putty Knife

Putty Knife 4600310
  • Lead Putty Knife with wooden handle.

  • Lead Putty Knife with wooden handle, blade length 100 mm.


Glazier-knives 86335
  • Glazier-knives for many works.

  • Glazier-knives for many works like to the solves, joints clean, putty removes. With rustproof, 60 cm wide blade, hammer-hit-surface.

Cartridge Knife

Knife 5166400
  • Cartridge Knife for opening cartridges.

  • Cartridge Knife for opening cartridges, cuts plastic nozzles without burring.

Glass Scraper

Glass Scraper 4700005
  • Glass Scraper with blade protection.

  • Glass Scraper, made of plastic, with blade protection, exchangeable blade, blade width 44 mm.

Diamond Scribe

Diamond Scribe 3550
  • Diamond Scribe for marking glass.

  • The Diamond Scribe is great for marking glass. It's almost like using a pen to sketch or write on glass.

Oil Glass Cutter

Oil Glass Cutter S1050
  • Oil Glass Cutter with Metall handle.

  • Oil Glass Cutter, original TOPLIFE quality at an especially good value for money, plastic handle, wide cutting head.

Oil Glass Cutter

Oil Glass Cutter P1050
  • Oil Glass Cutter with plastic handle.

  • Oil Glass Cutter, original TOPLIFE quality at an especially good value for money, plastic handle, wide cutting head.

Oil Glass Cutter

Glass Cutter S1050D
  • Oil Glass Cutter with Metall handle.

  • Oil Glass Cutter, original TOPLIFE quality at an especially good value for money, small cutting head.

Oil Glass Cutter

Oil Glass Cutter 4412
  • Oil Glass Cutter with wide head.

  • Oil Glass Cutter with replaceable, wide cutting head, high-quality carbide cutting wheel.

Thick Glass Cutter

Glass Cutter 20030
  • Thick Glass Cutter, Rotating handle.

  • Thick Glass Cutter, Rotating handle for applying greater pressure, with round cutting head.

Glass Cutter

Glass Cutter 1100140
  • Glass Cutter with carbide wheel.

  • Glass Cutter Wooden handle, replaceable, tempered turret with carbide wheel ø 5 mm.

Glass Cutter

Glass Cutter 20040
  • Glass Cutter with Toplife wheel.

  • Special Glass Cutter, Toplife cutting wheel, plastic handle, can be placed underneath the cut to break the glass.

Strip Cutter

Strip Cutter 2005
  • Strip Cutter for cutting glass strips.

  • Strip Cutter for efficient cutting of equally wide glass strips, adjustable strip width, for right or left handers.

Glass Circle Cutter

Glass Cutter 5210
  • Thick Glass Cutter for circles.

  • Thick Glass Circle Cutter for circles 20 - 120 cm Ø, high level of operational safety due to heavy-duty construction.

Glass Tube Cutter

Glass Cutter 5000117
  • Tube Cutter, with carbide wheel.

  • Glass Tube Cutter, nickel-plated, with carbide wheel, for glass tubes of 4 - 30 mm diameters.

Circle Cutter

Circle Cutter 5110
  • Circle Cutter with 6 Steel Wheels.

  • Circle Cutter with 6 Steel Wheels,Wheels and turret can be easily exchanged.

Radius Corner Template

Template 1203010
  • Radius Corner Template.

  • Radius Corner Template, made of plastic, for radius of 10 to 70 mm, to be used with all standard glass cutters with 2.5 mm stand-off distance.

Speed Cutter

Speed Cutter 5800
  • Speed Cutter for cutting glass panes.

  • Speed Cutter for quick and easy cutting of large glass panes, with integrated oil supply and cutting head with Toplife cutting wheel.

Cutting Frame

Cutting Frame 120
  • Cutting Frame for cutting Glass.

  • Cutting Frame is an Practical device when cutting a series of equally dimensioned glass sheets.

Pulse protege

Pulse protege 2200130
  • Pulse protege, 145 mm wide.

  • Pulse protege, 145 mm wide, leathers, perforates, with shutter, edges in leathers bordered.


Hand-Rubber 2200110
  • Hand-Rubber 130 x 170 mm.

  • Hand-rubber 130 x 170 mm, with thumb-hole.

Glass Breaking Pliers

Glass Pliers 5008026
  • Glass  Breaking Pliers for glass.

  • Glass Breaking Pliers, Parallel gripping surfaces for glass 2 - 10 mm thickness, 180 mm long.

Cut Running Pliers

Glass Pliers 5008800
  • Cut Running Pliers for glass.

  • Cut Running Pliers 200 mm long, bake-width 24 mm, for glass-thickness from 3 to 5 mm, line-marking on the upper cheek, especially suitable to breaking narrow strips.

Glass Breaking Pliers

Glass Pliers GRP512
  • Glass Breaking Pliers for glass.

  • Glass Breaking Pliers with movable, very stable forecastles. Very clean and carefully worked, in the head-area sharpened pliers.

Offset Glass Pliers

Glass Pliers 4000510
  • Glass Pliers for glass storefront.

  • The Offset Glass Pliers are a must for the storefront glazier. Perfect for custom fits on the job site, they make trimming glass easy, even when the lite is already in a vertical position close to the ceiling.