Glass Breaking Pliers

Glass Breaking Pliers breaks glass in a controlled manner.


Glass Breaking Pliers

Glass Pliers 5008026
  • Glass  Breaking Pliers for glass.

  • Glass Breaking Pliers, Parallel gripping surfaces for glass 2 - 10 mm thickness, 180 mm long.

Cut Running Pliers

Glass Pliers 5008800
  • Cut Running Pliers for glass.

  • Cut Running Pliers 200 mm long, bake-width 24 mm, for glass-thickness from 3 to 5 mm, line-marking on the upper cheek, especially suitable to breaking narrow strips.

Glass Breaking Pliers

Glass Pliers GRP512
  • Glass Breaking Pliers for glass.

  • Glass Breaking Pliers with movable, very stable forecastles. Very clean and carefully worked, in the head-area sharpened pliers.

Offset Glass Pliers

Glass Pliers 4000510
  • Glass Pliers for glass storefront.

  • The Offset Glass Pliers are a must for the storefront glazier. Perfect for custom fits on the job site, they make trimming glass easy, even when the lite is already in a vertical position close to the ceiling.