Glass polish

The glass polishes for glass scratch removal remove fine scratches or graffiti on glass. The glass repair systems also allow for deeper scratches on installed glass panes.


Glass polish

Glass polish C0301
  • Glass polish to remove scratches.

  • The Glass polish is a high grade optical polishing compound used to remove and polish scratches from mirror bevels, table top edges, glass in vehicles.

Plastic polish

Plastic polish 10
  • Plastic polish remove small scratches.

  • Plastic polish remove not only filth and dust but also small scratches of the surface that has originated through wrong cleaning.

Plastic polish

Plastic polish PN7080
  • Plastic polish remove small scratches.

  • Plastic polish removes heavy scratches and abrasions from most acrylic surfaces. Polishes contain a light abrasive and are not for use on eyeglasses, polycarbonates or coated plastics.

Plastic polish

Plastic polish PN7030
  • Plastic polish remove small scratches.

  • Plastic polish removes fine scratches, haziness and abrasion from most plastic surfaces. It is not just a surface cover up, but will restore and protect.

Felt Polishing Wheel

Felt Wheel 5007901
  • Felt Polishing Wheel ø 80 mm.

  • Felt Polishing Wheel ø 80 mm, 30 mm thick, with glued-in shaft ø 6 mm, for removing small scratches or "blind" areas on glass in connection with polishing compound.


Scratch-A-Way 530
  • Polisher for removing scratches.

  • Easily and invisibly removes surface scratches from glass, removes scratches from flat as well as curved glass, both convex and concave, almost without water, no distortions in the glass, saves money, since window panes don't need to be removed or transported.