Mirror Fixations

There are many methods to mount mirrors of all sizes so that without any visible fasteners, they hang securely yet can be removed at any time.


Mirror Pivots for Mirrors

Mirror Pivots MP6408

Mirror Pivots simple to install.

Mirror Hangers for Mirrors

Mirror Hangers 52

Safeclix for mirrors up to 2.6 m²

Mirror Clips for Mirrors

Mirror Clips 655

Mirror Clips with cork insert.

Mirror Clips for Mirrors

Mirror Clips MC00

Mirror Clips for beveled Mirrors.

Mirror Clips for Mirrors

Mirror Clips MC01

Mirror Clips with Screws and Anchors.

Mirror Adhesive for Mirrors

Mirror Adhesive 61

Adhesive for bonding mirrors.

Mirror Adhesive Tape for Mirrors

Mirror Adhesive Tape 52

Mirror Adhesive Tape.

Protective Adhesive Tape for Mirrors

Protective Tape 6

Protective Adhesive Tape for mirrors.

Mirror Magnet for Mirrors

Magnet 6200

Mirror Magnet with Hole: ø 5 mm.

Plate for Mirrors

Plate 6200111

Plate self-adhesive.