Glass Breaking Pliers

Glass Breaking Pliers

Glass Breaking Pliers breaks glass in a controlled manner.

Glass Breaking Pliers breaks glass in a controlled manner.To cut large panes into smaller units, the first step is to score the glass surface with special glass cutting tools. This creates tensions in the glass, allowing the second step: to bend the glass in a controlled manner either by hand or likewise with a Glass Breaking Pliers resulting in the actual break.

Glass Breaking Pliers

  • Glass  Breaking Pliers for glass.

  • Glass Breaking Pliers, Parallel gripping surfaces for glass 2 - 10 mm thickness, 180 mm long.

Cut Running Pliers

  • Cut Running Pliers for glass.

  • Cut Running Pliers 200 mm long, bake-width 24 mm, for glass-thickness from 3 to 5 mm, line-marking on the upper cheek, especially suitable to breaking narrow strips.

Glass Breaking Pliers

  • Glass Breaking Pliers for glass.

  • Glass Breaking Pliers with movable, very stable forecastles. Very clean and carefully worked, in the head-area sharpened pliers.

Offset Glass Pliers

  • Glass Pliers for glass storefront.

  • The Offset Glass Pliers are a must for the storefront glazier. Perfect for custom fits on the job site, they make trimming glass easy, even when the lite is already in a vertical position close to the ceiling.

Glass Breaking Pliers

  • Glass Breaking Pliers for thick glass.

  • Glass Breaking Pliers for glass thicknesses of 6 mm to 15 mm, with adjustment screw to set to individual glass thickness, optimum transmission over 6 meter.