Mirror Fixations in several systems.

Mirror Fixations

Mirror Fixations in several systems.

There are many methods to mount mirrors of all sizes so that without any visible fasteners, they hang securely yet can be removed at any time. In this chapter we present our magnetic mirror hanging kits, snap fastening kits and Velcro-type kits. No matter which system you choose, you can be sure that you get a reliable fastening system with the proven quality.

Mirror Pivots

  • Mirror Pivots simple to install.

  • These Mirror Pivots are available in beautiful styles that will enhance any bath or dressing room.

Mirror Hangers

  • Safeclix for mirrors up to 2.6 m²

  • Press Button Set-SafecliX® 26, for mirrors up to max. 2.6 m²

Mirror Clips

  • Mirror Clips with cork insert.

  • Mirror Clips, chrome plated, with cork insert.

Mirror Clips

  • Mirror Clips for beveled Mirrors.

  • Mirror Clips for beveled Mirrors, consisting of: 4 adjustable clips, 4 wood screws, 4 Anchors.

Mirror Clips

  • Mirror Clips with Screws and Anchors.

  • The Mirror Clips are specifically designed for 6 mm beveled mirror. They simplify the process of installing mirrors by using the One-Piece Clip on the bottom and the Two-Piece Clip on top for a quick and easy installation.

Mirror Adhesive

  • Adhesive for bonding mirrors.

  • Mirror Adhesive for bonding mirrors to glass, plastic, stainless steel, aluminium, wood.

Mirror Adhesive Tape

  • Mirror Adhesive Tape.

  • Mirror Adhesive Tape double-sided mounting tape for highest demands, very high initial adhesive strength.

Protective Adhesive Tape

  • Protective Adhesive Tape for mirrors.

  • Protective Adhesive Tape, for making mirrors non-splintering in case of breakage, the tape is adhered to the mirror back and holds the mirror pieces together in case the glass should break.

Mirror Magnet

  • Mirror Magnet with Hole: ø 5 mm.

  • Mirror Magnet with Hole: ø 5 mm.


  • Plate self-adhesive.

  • Plate 100 x 100 mm, self-adhesive.